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The Alpvita Piz Tasna in Ischgl

We, the Salner family, are extremely proud to say that the third generation is already working in our hotel. Being a family business, we make sure that our guests feel the warmth and Tyrolean hospitality from the very first moment. We place the highest priority on providing our guests with a one-to-one service and cordiality right from the start. We would be happy to give you an insight into the history of our Alpvita Piz Tasna in Ischgl.

Michaela with Roland, Michelle and Alina

One Mountain - One Vision


A ski tour to the beautiful 'Piz Tasna' mountain led by Franz Salner, with an 80-year-old aristocrat from Great Britain, was finally the mountain that impressed Franz so much and was therefore the deciding factor behind the name of the establishment. Piz Tasna is a 3,179 m high mountain peak that is located approx. 3 hours away from the Heidelberger Hütte (Alpine hut) in the Silvretta.


The beginnings

Ingrid and Franz Salner built a small establishment with a BBQ restaurant and three guest rooms. The guest rooms were fitted with a hot water shower already. It was only the toilet that was still to be found in the corridor.

A mountain guide and ski instructor with passion

Franz's main profession was as a state-certified mountain and ski guide as well as a state-certified ski instructor.
This meant that Ingrid ran the business: from the kitchen to the reservations, which at that time were still sent by post.


1974 The first ‘DJ' of Ischgl

Once Franz returned from the slopes every evening, his other passion was to entertain his guests. You would find Franz playing records in the grill restaurant, delighting his guests as well as the locals of Ischgl, the first 'DJ' in Ischgl, so to speak.

Their two children Günter and Roland also grew up here in the meantime. The grill restaurant with built-in show kitchen and music bar was a smash hit. Ingrid and Franz counted themselves lucky to be able to expand by another 20 guest rooms.

A mountain guide and ski instructor with passion - the next generation

Roland also followed in his father's footsteps. He began training as a state-certified mountain and ski guide and state-certified ski instructor at the age of 18. He helped out diligently in the hotel from an early age. Once he had completed his training, he was on the slopes during the day and back at the hotel in the evening. If he finished his ski lessons early, the next way was not into the valley, but to the next mountain peak, ahead of the evening rush. Roland is still a renowned skier and racer to this day, who can be compared with the best racers competing in a variety of races and mountain guide world championships.


The last conversion for Ingrid & Franz

Another large extension of the wellness facility and modernisation of the entire hotel was undertaken. Many regular guests have always let Piz Tasna speak for itself.


The next generation(s)

  • Roland and Michaela took over the Hotel Piz Tasna with an abundance of motivation and excitement in anticipation of the years to come.
  • Their first daughter, Michelle, was born and caused their happiness to reach even higher dimensions.
  • Ingrid and Franz, shaped by their passion, continued to be very present in the business.

from 1996

Franz & his stories

'We have been told that when Franz sat at his regular place at the bar during the evening, our guests scrambled to get the closest seat next to our 'Neni' to listen to his stories for hours on end. After all, he was able to tell stories about the old days right up to the end.' Michaela and Roland



  • Further modernisation work was carried out in 1997.
  • Over the course of the next few years, their second daughter Alina was born, bringing the family's happiness to perfection and ensuring that there was never a dull moment at the hotel.


until today

The hotel was completely renovated in 2008, including the lobby, underground parking and rooms. This was the year when the name 'Alpvita' was added to the hotel name - which brings the life of the Alps to the establishment. Both daughters of the household attended tourism schools and Michelle is already working in the business. The hotel is always kept up to date together with the whole family and is embraced by a warm atmosphere and friendliness - which also attracts many regular guests. The Hotel Alpvita Piz Tasna with 29 rooms is furnished in a modern traditional style and offers a wide range of delights thanks to the Alpine wellness area and the high-quality cuisine.

Alpvita Piz Tasna Ischgl