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High-end music bar

Raise your glasses and toast to wonderful holiday moments.

Our High-End Alpvita music bar is a place where you can finish off great days with an even better evening. This is a place of lived-in hospitality, a relaxed atmosphere and a myriad of drinks that give you plenty of reasons to raise a glass. Lean back, let yourself be enticed into the sound world of High-End Music with delightful aperitifs or digestifs. Experience and sense the pleasure of music through our cutting-edge Cabasse streaming speakers, completely new. With a fruity cocktail, an exquisite glass of wine from our wine cellar, a cool beer or a noble drop of whiskey in your hand, your day of holiday can be brought to a perfect end.

Maximum audio pleasure in detail

The perfect reproduction of music, not merely sound - that's what Cabasse strives for. The unique active high-definition interconnected speakers from Cabasse reflect years of expertise and the technology used in the iconic Sphere speakers serving pure Acoustic Emotions. Their refined and powerful designs and exceptional acoustics, achieved thanks to the unparalleled tri-coaxial speaker, meet the expectations of the most demanding audiophiles. We promise splendid moments of Acoustic Emotions in the Alpvita music bar.

Alpvita Piz Tasna Ischgl