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Lockdown until 13.12.2021

Dear guests and dear friends,

In the press conference on 19th November, the Austrian Federal Government announced a renewed lockdown in order to reduce the active caseload. According to the press conference, the lockdown will apply until 13 December at the latest. We will contact you personally about re-opening in December.

We very much hope to see you again soon and take care!
Your family Salner
Michaela with Roland, Michelle & Alina

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Massages during your holiday in ischgl

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and simply let your thoughts drift away.

The soothing scent of precious oils caresses your senses and pleasant massage strokes from expert hands ensure special moments of relaxation and serenity. You will feel the stress of everyday life fall from you with every touch and find yourself completely at peace. Our Alpvita Spa team will whisk you away into the pleasant world of massages.

Make an appointment right now!

Treatments are offered on Mondays and Thursdays.
Reserve your preferred date at our reception or even from the comfort of your own home. Give us a call on +43 5444 5277 or write us a message to

Partial massages

  duration price
Back massage including pelvis, scapulas and nape

You carry around all the burden of the everyday life on your back, therefore your back deserves a special treatment!

25 Min. 25 Min.
€ 38,00
Additional possibilities or extension of the massage-duration

Examples: Strengthening cervical massage, adjust possible differences in the length of your legs and pelvic obliquity, massage of belly / colon or arms / hands

You will appreciate these „10 minutes more“ to your 25 min. partial massage treatment!
The "belly / colon massage" especially improves the emotional tensions and may be conducive to the digestions.  That your both legs have the same lengths is important for a straight backbone and your nape and surely your cervical vertebra column will be pleased with this special treatment.

10 Min. 10 Min.
€ 15,00
Leg massage

In order to allay the mostly less pleasant experiences after unusual sportive activity, as well as to accelerate the removal of metabolic deposits, you should not renounce this relaxing treatment.

25 Min. 25 Min.
€ 38,00
Spinal massage and intervertebral disc massage "BREUSS-style"

The Breuss massage is a sensitive spinal massage which can dissipate mental, energetic and physical blockades. It initiates the regeneration of undersupplied intervertebral discs and is the key to success to solve problems in the locomotor system. The Breuss massage is applied with high-quality amber oil. We guarantee absolute rest and relaxation for you!

35 Min. 35 Min.
€ 55,50

Full body massages

  duration price
Full body massage

Back massage with neck as solo treatment, or back massage in combination with legs.
All the everyday burden is carried on your back, therefore your back disserves a special treatment!

50 Min. 50 Min.
€ 69,00
Full body massage "De Luxe"

Back massage with neck, legs, belly / colon massage - according to your needs and wishes.

70 Min. 70 Min.
€ 96,00
Foot reflexology (FRZM)

Your feet carry you around your whole life.
All internal organs, joints and other body parts have assigned reflex zones on the foot and they can be influenced by suitable pressure massages and so the self healing forces are stimulated. Defects can be detected and cured even before they are really perceived.

25 Min. 25 Min.
€ 39,00
Back massage and foot reflexology 50 Min. 50 Min.
€ 77,00
Information regarding all services:

Are you not able to keep a booked appointment? Then please let us know at least one day in advance. Otherwise, we will have to charge you 80% of the treatment price.

Extended sessions:

Extension of relaxation treatment: Surcharge 1.40 € / minute
Extension of the consultation period: Surcharge 1.20 € / minute

Health consultation

You have the possibility to discuss your or your beloved ones health problems. Of course absolutely confidentially and you will get tips to improve your physical conditions and health.

  duration price
Consultation unit bis 25 Min. bis 25 Min.
€ 35,00
Consultation unit bis 50 Min. bis 50 Min.
€ 60,00
You can find out more about the following subject areas:
  • Exercise (movement training, stretching exercises, stamina, strengthening)
  • nutrition (weight optimisation, food-conditioned illnesses)
  • Vital substances – who to face deficits naturally, therapeutic application possibilities for adults and children.

If one of the following points applies to you, you should definitely abstain from any massage

Complete contraindications for the massage treatments:
  • Inflammations, above all in the skin system, lymph system, nervous system and vein system, as for example erysipelas
  • Common cold, above all with fever and/or strong cough
  • Contagious skin diseases or rashes, e.g., shingles, extensive fungal infestation 
  • Cancer, e.g. leukemia or skin cancer
  • Advanced osteoporosis and therefore  weak bone density
  • Illnesses of an organ that has to be operated in short or has been operated lately : Heart, liver, stomach etc. this applies especially to the FRZ massage (foot reflexology)!
  • Acute injuries, not clarified and doubtful fractures of bones,  joints, vertebral body, bruises, strains, dislocations
  • Bad general condition and/or very drunk
  • High-risk pregnancy,  this applies especially to the FRZ massage (foot reflexology)
  • People with strong hypothermia!

The previous evaluation from you with your doctor is absolutely necessary!

Many thanks for your cooperation and understanding!
We care about your health and a perfect relaxation.

P.S.: If you are interested in an individual consultation concerning health-enhancing training in movement and/or nutrition, please do not hesitate to contact our certificate health trainer Markus personally.

Alpvita Piz Tasna Ischgl