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Sauna indulgence at the spa hotel in ischgl

Soothingly warm feelings of happiness and sensual infusions with lasting effect.

Heat, cosiness and tranquillity - our sauna facilities are a place where you can feel good during your spa holiday in Ischgl. Sweat away the stress of everyday life in the saunas, switch off in the steam rooms and take time out to do absolutely nothing in the cosy relaxation rooms. Feel the power of healing warmth and complete relaxation.

  • Traditional bio sauna
  • Non-nude sauna
  • Infrared cabin
  • Steam rooms
  • Relaxation rooms

Traditional bio sauna

Relaxation, recuperation and feel-good moments.

Indulge yourself with a soothing sauna experience during your spa holiday in Ischgl. Our traditional bio sauna really heats you up with a temperature of 80-95° Celsius and a humidity of 45-60%. The warmth, the scent of local high mountain woods, aromatic infusions and the pleasant light therapy activate the circulation naturally, purify the body and free the respiratory tract. Enjoy the rustic ambience and the magnificent relaxation.

Non-nude sauna

Sauna indulgence for the whole family.

The non-nude sauna in our hotel in Ischgl provides guests with the opportunity to savour gentle moments of regeneration. Temperatures between 45-55° Celsius make it ideal for first-time sauna-goers, children and youths and it can be enjoyed in a relaxed manner while wearing bathing suits. The sauna is also situated outside the nude area, directly by the Alpvita pool. Please note that children and youths under 16 years of age are only allowed to visit the non-nude sauna when accompanied by an adult.

Infrared cabin

Sweat your way to good health.

A visit to our infrared cabin will quickly take the physical and mental stresses of everyday life out of the equation. You can enjoy the pleasant effects of the infrared radiation as it penetrates evenly into the lowest layers of the skin and generates pleasant deep warmth. Tension is relieved at mild temperatures of 30-35° Celsius, back pain is alleviated, the body's defences are strengthened, blood circulation is enhanced and the metabolism is stimulated.

Salt steam room & organic herbal bath

Water, warmth and gentle mist.

Enveloped in pleasantly warm mist, surrounded by the finest essential oils that stimulate the body - the energising interplay of heat, steam and aromas exerts a particularly positive effect on the circulation, blood flow, the airways and the metabolism. Enjoy 10 to 20 minutes in our steam baths at a pleasant 45° Celsius and a humidity of almost 100% and experience the positive effects.

Rest & relaxation

Lean back and simply relax.

The need for rest and relaxation grows as our world becomes ever more hectic, fast-paced and noisy. We yearn for places of relaxation where we can regenerate and draw new strength. Our cosy relaxation rooms provide a soothing retreat, especially after a hot visit to the sauna. Cosy up in your soft bathrobe, refresh yourself at the vitamin bar and let yourself unwind on the comfortable hay beds, waterbeds and relaxation loungers - for total relaxation during your spa holiday in Ischgl.

Alpvita Piz Tasna Ischgl